Products We Love: Passion Planner

Have you ever felt that you have an extensive assortment of goals, ideas, sources of inspiration, and daily priorities, but that they’re scattered around in so many different places and so many varying formats that you can hardly keep track of them all?

We’ve all been there: making a million lists to accomplish everything, yet accomplishing next to nothing in the end because our lists are too widely dispersed to properly grasp their context. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our thoughts could be gathered in a single place?

Luckily, Angelia Trinidad recognized this problem and discovered a way to fix it through the creation of a product called Passion Planner. Trinidad felt that while most traditional planners are practical, their shortcoming lies in the fact that they’re not personal enough. She sought out a way to remedy this issue by creating a tool that blends both the structure of a planner and the creative space of a sketchbook or journal into a single workbook – or, as she likes to call it, “a life coach that fits in your backpack.”

The planner opens with a Passion Roadmap that serves as an excellent exercise for the mind. It encourages you to quickly but thoughtfully articulate your wishlist, divided into four different categories: Lifetime, Three Years, One Year, and Three Months. After that, it’s time to prioritize and map out the route to reach your destinations, creating a roadmap for each item on your wishlist.

The Passion Planner is effective because it breaks down goals into actionable steps, making them less intimidating and more manageable overall. There are areas to highlight the “bigger picture” or monthly goals, and areas to focus on weekly and daily goals. Having the added visual elements and creative work space makes this book much friendlier, and your goals more organized and accessible, than a traditional planner.

What’s more, the Passion Planner website offers a variety of helpful tips on creative ways to use your planner. The possibilities are endless, and the planner is customizable to fit your needs and your personal journey. If you’re tired of disorganized lists and scattered thoughts, this is definitely the tool for you.

By Erica Friedmann

Five Ways to Make Office Lunch More Intentional

Give your midday meal the attention it deserves with a few simple tips:

1. Avoid eating at your desk. When you work and eat simultaneously, your body doesn’t register the fact that it’s eating. If you’re mindlessly consuming food, it becomes easier to overeat. Give yourself a chance to enjoy a change of scenery and concentrate on the meal before you.

2. Use a real plate with real silverware. You deserve a nicely presented meal. Tupperware is great for transportation, but when it comes time to eat, transfer the contents of your container onto a real plate. Doing so makes you more aware of what you are eating, and allows you to appreciate and focus on the flavor of the food.

3. If you’re eating out, think about what you want to eat before you get hungry. When our bodies are hungrier, we tend to make rash food choices. Strive to be one step ahead of the game.

4. Eat breakfast! Eating a substantial breakfast ensures you don’t end up ravenous at lunchtime.

5. Think of eating as an “experience.” Eating is more than just putting food into your body. It’s also about slowing down, enjoying the nuances of flavor and texture, gathering with others, and taking moments to contemplate and self-reflect over a satisfying meal.

By Erica Friedmann